In the Artist’s Shoes – a curious online provocation that turns you – the spectator, into a creator.

A project which transfers creativity and inspiration into your home, gives you the opportunity to peek behind the curtains of the artists’ work, makes you an accomplice of creating an art product.

About "In the Artist's Shoes"

Within 3 weeks 3 international teams of artists will be working on an artistic concept and you can take part in their work process through the digital (interactive) workshops that we have organised. We’d like to invite you to immerse yourself “behind the curtains” and participate in creating a play, to take important decisions on how the plot develops, to share your opinion and experience. The only 2 things you need is a device with an Internet connection so you can use it to participate in our meetings, and the desire to let art inside your home.

The Projects

“Entropy of words”, “Faust: A Court Trial for the Soul” and “Before the end… (of the world)“ are artistic challenges which we issue to you, projects which you can take part in and create. Of course you will not be on your own! Dimitar Stefanov, Miguel de León, Oscar Fernández, Vili Prager, Iva Sveshtarova, Ivana Ivković, Stephan A. Shtereff, Teodora Simova, and the whole team of foundation “Art bureau” will be the ones to let you into their world.

Before the end of the world

The project is executed in English

The project “Before the end… (of the world)” of the Brain Store Project Foundation will explore the apocalyptic culture from different viewpoints. Will there be an end of the world? And what would this end be like? The team will explore the topic, using different narratives, visual examples and interpretations of the topic of popular culture and will look at the ways in which the apocalypse is being presented as a projected event. 

Entropy of words

The project is executed in Bulgarian

“Entropy of words” is an interdisciplinary project by the graphic designer Teodora Simova and the actor Stephan A. Shtereff. It refers to creating authors’ copies using the blackout poetry technique, in which the written and recorded text receives a new meaning in a new form, using visual and audible elimination. The project develops the idea of irreversibility of the newly created artistic form in the light of the physical property entropy as a measurement of disorder. 

Faust: A Court Trial of the Soul

The project is executed in English

Faust: A Court Trial for the Soul is an interactive online performance based on Faust by Goethe. The project presents a modern Faust existing in our rather virtual present. The process needs to decide whether Faust deserves his soul. The audience turns into a kind of jury, which not only become familiar with all the evidence of the case but also must decide on his sentence. A series of videos, posts, and private messages will put the audience in the role of an active participant and judge of Faust’s soul.


"In the Artist's Shoes" will be held between February 20 and March 15. In this period of time, there will be a series of meetings between the artists and their audience and in the end, we will publish a public presentation of each project.


Everyone who's interested in contemporary art and wants to take a look behind the scenes is invited! Learn more about the projects, fill in the registration form and you'll get access to the full schedule of your chosen project.

"In the Artist's Shoes" has ended! You can see the public presentations of the projects here:

Before the end... (of the world)

Faust: A Court Trial for the Soul

The project “In the Artist’s Shoes” is made possible with the financial aid of National Culture Fund Bulgaria and the Sofia Development Association.

In the Artist’s Shoes