We help artists and audiences to discover different forms of art

diversification of the cultural life
work with different communities
improve access to contemporary art
stimulate the interest in art
implementation of good world artistic practices
support artists’ work

Main Goals

The main goals of the organisation are:

  • To help with diversification and decentralisation of the cultural life in the country and to improve the access to contemporary art;
  • To help with the presentation and implementation of good European and world artistic practices in the country;
  • To support artists’ work with different communities and social groups;
  • To stimulate the interest in and attitude to art among different social and age groups, and to work towards a positive change and development of taste in contemporary art.


“Art Bureau” foundation carries out a variety of activities in order to achieve its goals. Such activities include:

  • Fundraising, which would make it possible for the aims of the foundation to be achieved in the best possible way;
  • Organisation and of festivals and events in partnership with local councils and cultural operators;
  • Organisation of public events, appearances, courses, debates and seminars with artists and managers;
  • Activities to raise awareness on important issues related to contemporary art, cultural life and inclusion of different communities;
  • Activities related to popularisation and presentation of contemporary art.


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Iva Rankovska


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